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Southern New Hampshire University

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Southern New Hampshire University

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Southern New Hampshire University 
2500 North River Road, Manchester, NH, 03106

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with more than 3,000 on-campus students and 30,000 online students, making us one of the fastest-growing universities in the country. Founded in 1932, we’ve been relentlessly reinventing higher education ever since and have gained national recognition for our dedication to helping students transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

We’re proud to provide affordable, accessible education that students can pursue online, on our 300-acre campus in Manchester, NH, or at our regional centers in Manchester, Portsmouth, Nashua and Salem, NH, and Brunswick, Maine. We offer more than 200 online degree programs in today’s most in-demand career sectors, including business, education, health care, IT and marketing, plus more than 50 specialized MBAs.

As a SNHU student, you’ll get the support you need to see yourself succeed, including:
Admission counselors to help you choose the degree that best supports your goals
Your own dedicated academic advisor to provide the guidance and encouragement you need for academic success
Career advisors, webinars, internships and more to prepare you to enter or advance in the workforce
Faculty with real-world expertise in the fields they teach
World-class student services on campus and online, including an online bookstore, online library, tutoring and 24/7 tech support

Southern New Hampshire University educates intellectually and culturally enriched individuals to be successful in their careers and contribute to their communities. SNHU’s educational philosophy challenges students’ intellectual potential and prepares them for professional lives in an ever-changing and increasingly interconnected world. It provides a supportive and close-knit learning community, delivering engaging instruction in a flexible variety of formats. Students develop the knowledge to understand a complex world, the skills to act effectively within that world and the wisdom to make good choices. They do so within a community of teachers, staff and peers that is encouraged to add its scholarly, creative and pedagogical contributions to the larger social good.

Business Departments List
Accounting & Taxation Department
Culinary Department
Economics/Finance Department
Hospitality Business Department
Information Technology Department
International Business Department
Marketing Department
Organizational Leadership Department
Quantitative Studies, Operations & Project Management Department
Sport Management Department

Departments in the School of Arts & Sciences
Communication, Media Arts & Technology Department
Department of Social Sciences
English Department
Humanities Department
Justice Studies Department
Mathematics Department
Psychology Department
Science Department

School of Education
he School of Education is committed to creating a better tomorrow by preparing students and supporting professional educators to be knowledgeable, reflective leaders, responsive to the needs of a diverse society.
About the School of Education
Go educate, inspire and facilitate change with a degree from Southern New Hampshire University's School of Education. Our graduates become teachers, school administrators, researchers, child development experts, community leaders and more; in short, they become tomorrow's leaders. More...
Education Undergraduate Programs
SNHU offers several undergraduate and certification programs in Education and programs in related fields like Child Development and field based programs in various locations. Specialized certifications like English for Speakers of Other Languages and General Special Education are available on campus and on location.
Education Graduate Programs
SNHU offers a variety of graduate level programs specializing in fields from Child Development to Secondary Education. In addition, SNHU has a number of graduate certification programs available for students seeking teaching certification, or more administrative tracks all of which are conveniently available either on campus, online, or both.


Undergraduate Programs
We offer more than 100 undergraduate programs in business, liberal arts, education, culinary arts and hospitality, including three-year programs, all designed to help you launch a great career when you graduate. Majors are offered on campus, on location at our centers in New Hampshire and Maine, and online.

Programs    Offered
3Year Honors Program in Business (BS)         Campus
Accounting (AS)    Online    Campus
Accounting (BS)    Online    Campus
Accounting Accelerated Track    Online     
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination    Online     
Accounting (BS) - Degree in Three         Campus
Accounting / Finance (BS) - Degree in Three         Campus
Accounting Finance (BS)    Online    Campus
Accounting Information Systems (BS)    Online    Campus
Advertising (BA)    Online     
Baking and Pastry Arts (AS)         Campus
Business Administration (AS)    Online    Campus
Business Administration (BBA)         Campus
Business Administration (BS)    Online    Campus
Healthcare Administration    Online     
Nonprofit Management    Online     
Small Business Management    Online    Campus
Organizational Leadership    Online    Campus
Human Resources Management    Online    Campus
Business Administration (BS) - Degree in Three Years         Campus
Business Studies (BS)    Online    Campus
Accounting    Online    Campus
Business Administration    Online    Campus
Business Finance    Online    Campus
Computer Information Technology    Online    Campus
Game Design and Development    Online    Campus
Human Resource Management    Online    Campus
Industrial Organizational Psychology    Online     
International Management    Online    Campus
Marketing    Online    Campus
Operations and Project Management    Online     
Organizational Leadership    Online    Campus
Small Business Management    Online    Campus
Sport Management    Online    Campus
Child Development Leadership (BA)         Campus
Communication (BA)    Online    Campus
Professional Writing    Online     
Public Relations    Online     
Computer Information Technology (AS)         Campus
Computer Information Technology (BA)         Campus
Computer Information Technology (BS)         Campus
Creative Writing and English (BA)    Online    Campus
Fiction    Online     
Nonfiction    Online     
Poetry    Online     
Screenwriting    Online     
Criminal Justice (AS)    Online     
Criminal Justice (BS)    Online     
Criminology    Online     
Homeland Security and Counterterrorism    Online     
Legal Studies and Advocacy    Online     
Police Administration and Operations    Online     
Culinary Arts (AS)         Campus
Culinary Management (BS)         Campus
Data Analytics (BS)    Online     
Early Childhood Education (BA)         Campus
Economics / Finance (BS) - Degree in Three         Campus
Economics Finance (BS)    Online    Campus
Elementary Education (BA)         Campus
Elementary Education / Special Education / MAT 5Year Program         Campus
English (BA) / MAT 5Year Program         Campus
English Language and Literature (BA)    Online    Campus
English Language and Literature and English Education (BA)         Campus
Environmental Management and Sustainability (BA)         Campus
Environmental Management and Sustainability (BA) (International)         Campus
Environmental Science (BS)    Online    Campus
Fashion Merchandising (AS)    Online    Campus
Fashion Merchandising Management (BS)    Online    Campus
Fashion Merchandising Management (BS) - Degree in Three         Campus
Game Art and Development (BA)         Campus
Game Design and Development (BA)    Online     
Game Development and Supporting Technologies    Online     
Interactive Storytelling and Supporting Arts    Online     
Game Design and Development (BS)    Online     
Game Development and Supporting Technologies    Online     
Interactive Storytelling and Supporting Arts    Online     
Game Programming and Development (BS)         Campus
General Studies (BA)    Online     
Graphic Design and Media Arts (BA)    Online    Campus
Web Design    Online     
Health Information Management (BS)    Online     
Professional Practice    Online     
Health Promotion (BS)    Online     
Health Science (BS)    Online     
Healthcare Administration (BS)    Online     
History (BA)    Online    Campus
American History    Online     
European History    Online     
Middle Eastern Studies    Online     
Military History    Online     
History and Social Studies Education (BA)         Campus
Hospitality Business (BS)         Campus
Hospitality Business (BS) - Degree in Three         Campus
Hospitality Management (BAS)         Campus
Human Services (BA)    Online     
Child and Family Services    Online     
Information Technologies (AS)    Online     
Information Technologies (BA)    Online     
Information Technologies (BS)    Online     
Cybersecurity    Online     
Data Analytics    Online     
Database Management    Online     
Game Design and Development    Online     
Information Technology Management    Online     
Network and Telecommunications    Online     
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence    Online     
Software Development    Online     
Web Design and Development    Online     
International Business (BS)    Online    Campus
International Business (BS) - Degree in Three         Campus
Justice Studies (AS)         Campus
Justice Studies (BS)         Campus
Crime and Criminology         Campus
Law and Legal Process         Campus
Policing and Law Enforcement         Campus
Terrorism and Homeland Security         Campus
Law and Politics (BA)         Campus
Law and Politics (BA) (International)         Campus
Liberal Arts (AA)    Online    Campus
Marketing (AS)    Online    Campus
Marketing (BS)    Online    Campus
Social Media Marketing    Online     
Marketing (BS) - Degree in Three Years         Campus
Mathematics (BA)    Online    Campus
Applied Mathematics    Online     
Middle School Mathematics Education (BA)         Campus
Middle School Science Education (BS)         Campus
Music Education (BA)         Campus
Nursing (BS)    Online     
Advanced Pathway RN to MSN Option    Online     
Operations and Project Management (BS)         Campus
Operations and Project Management (BS) - Degree in Three         Campus
Operations Management (BS)    Online     
Logistics and Transportation    Online     
Project Management    Online     
Political Science (BA)    Online     
Campaign Leadership    Online     
Political Science Advanced Pathway BA to MS    Online     
Psychology (BA)    Online    Campus
Addictions    Online     
Applied Psychology    Online     
Child and Adolescent Development    Online    Campus
Forensic Psychology    Online    Campus
Mental Health    Online    Campus
Social Psychology    Online     
Public Administration (BA)    Online     
Public Service (BA)         Campus
Retailing (BS)    Online     
Social Entrepreneurship (BS)    Online     
Sociology (BA)    Online    Campus
Special Education (BA)         Campus
Sport Management (BS)    Online    Campus
Sport Management (BS) - Degree in Three Years         Campus
Technical Management (BS)    Online    Campus

Graduate Programs
We offer more than 60 online, accredited graduate programs, including more than 20 specialized MBAs. Our degree programs have earned GetEducated.com Best Buy and New Hampshire Business Review Best Online Degree and Best MBA awards. Earn your degree in as few as 15 months. No GMAT or GRE required. Programs are offered on campus, at our centers and online.
Programs    Offered
Accounting (MS)    Online    Campus
Auditing    Online    Campus
Forensic Accounting    Online    Campus
Taxation    Online    Campus
Accounting Finance (MS)    Online    Campus
Applied Economics (MS)    Online     
Environmental and Natural Resources Economics    Online     
Business Education (MEd)         Campus
Communication (MA)    Online     
Health Communication    Online     
New Media and Marketing    Online     
Public Relations    Online     
Community Mental Health and Mental Health Counseling (MS)         Campus
Curriculum and Instruction (MEd)    Online    Campus
Dyslexia Studies and Language-Based Learning Disabilities    Online     
Education Leadership    Online    Campus
Reading    Online    Campus
Special Education    Online    Campus
Technology Integration    Online    Campus
Data Analytics (MS)    Online     
Doctor of Business Administration in International Business (PhD)         Campus
Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)         Campus
Early Childhood Education (MEd)    Online    Campus
Educational Leadership (MEd)    Online    Campus
Educational Studies (MEd)         Campus
Elementary Education (MEd)    Online    Campus
English (MA)    Online     
English (MAT)         Campus
English (MAT) - Non-Certification         Campus
English (MAT) with Certification         Campus
English and Creative Writing (MA)    Online     
Fiction    Online     
Nonfiction    Online     
Poetry    Online     
Screenwriting    Online     
English for Speakers of Other Languages (MEd)         Campus
Field Based Graduate Programs (MEd and CAGS)         Campus
Finance (MS)    Online    Campus
Corporate Finance    Online    Campus
Investments and Securities    Online    Campus
Healthcare Administration (MSM)    Online     
Higher Education Administration (MS)    Online     
History (MA)    Online     
American History    Online     
Military History    Online     
Public History    Online     
Human Resource Management (MS)    Online     
Information Technology (MS)    Online    Campus
IT Management    Online     
Data Analytics    Online     
Game Design and Development    Online     
Database Design    Online    Campus
Healthcare Informatics    Online     
Information Security    Online    Campus
Web Design    Online    Campus
Instructional Design and Technology (MS)    Online     
International MBA    Online    Campus
International MBA in Accounting    Online    Campus
International MBA in Athletic Administration    Online    Campus
International MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility    Online    Campus
International MBA in Economics    Online    Campus
International MBA in Entrepreneurship    Online    Campus
International MBA in Finance    Online    Campus
International MBA in Forensic Accounting    Online    Campus
International MBA in Health Informatics    Online    Campus
International MBA in Healthcare Management    Online    Campus
International MBA in Human Resources    Online    Campus
International MBA in Internet Marketing    Online    Campus
International MBA in IT Management    Online    Campus
International MBA in Justice Studies    Online    Campus
International MBA in Leadership    Online    Campus
International MBA in Marketing    Online    Campus
International MBA in Operations / Supply Chain Management    Online    Campus
International MBA in Project Management    Online    Campus
International MBA in Quantitative Analysis    Online    Campus
International MBA in Six Sigma Quality    Online    Campus
International MBA in Social Media Marketing    Online    Campus
International MBA in Sport Management    Online    Campus
International MBA in Sustainability / Environmental Compliance    Online    Campus
International MBA in Workplace Conflict Management    Online    Campus
Justice Studies (MS)    Online     
Cybersecurity    Online     
Public Administration    Online     
Terrorism and Homeland Security    Online     
Management (MS)    Online     
Marketing (MS)    Online    Campus
Marketing Research and Analytics    Online    Campus
New Media and Communications    Online     
Social Media Marketing    Online    Campus
Master of Business Administration (MBA)    Online    Campus
MBA in Accounting    Online    Campus
MBA in Athletic Administration    Online    Campus
MBA in Business Intelligence    Online    Campus
MBA in Community Economic Development    Online    Campus
MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility    Online    Campus
MBA in Economics    Online    Campus
MBA in Entrepreneurship    Online    Campus
MBA in Finance    Online    Campus
MBA in Forensic Accounting    Online    Campus
MBA in Healthcare Informatics    Online    Campus
MBA in Healthcare Management    Online    Campus
MBA in Human Resource    Online    Campus
MBA in Information Technology Management    Online    Campus
MBA in Internet Marketing    Online    Campus
MBA in Justice Studies    Online    Campus
MBA in Leadership    Online    Campus
MBA in Marketing    Online    Campus
MBA in Music Business    Online    Campus
MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management    Online    Campus
MBA in Project Management    Online    Campus
MBA in Public Administration    Online    Campus
MBA in Quantitative Analysis    Online    Campus
MBA in Six Sigma    Online    Campus
MBA in Social Media    Online    Campus
MBA in Sports Management    Online    Campus
MBA in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance    Online    Campus
MBA in Workplace Conflict Management    Online    Campus
Master of Fine Arts in Fiction and Nonfiction (MFA)         Campus
Fiction         Campus
Nonfiction         Campus
Nursing (MS)    Online     
Patient Quality and Safety    Online     
Clinical Nurse Leader    Online     
Operations and Project Management (MS)    Online    Campus
Organizational Leadership (MS)    Online    Campus
Political Science (MS)    Online     
Psychology (MS)    Online     
Child & Adolescent Development Psychology    Online     
Forensic Psychology    Online     
Industrial-Organizational Psychology    Online     
Reading and Writing Specialist (MEd)    Online    Campus
Secondary Education / Social Studies (MEd)         Campus
Secondary English Education (MEd)         Campus
Special Education (MEd)    Online    Campus
Sport Management (MS)    Online    Campus
Sport Management (MS) / Athletic Administration Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Sport Management (MS) / International Sport Management Certificate    Online    Campus
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (MS)         Campus
Technology Integration Specialist (MEd)    Online    Campus

Certificate Programs
Choose one of our undergraduate and graduate certificate programs to enhance your skills and professional credentials without enrolling in a full degree program. A certificate can be the first step toward a degree or complement a degree program; it can also provide focused knowledge and skills in a particular subject area to help you develop professionally. Available on campus, at our centers and online. 
Programs    Offered
Accounting Certificate    Online    Campus
Accounting Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Athletic Administration Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Baking Certificate         Campus
Business Information Systems Certificate    Online    Campus
Community Mental Health (PCMH) Graduate Certificate         Campus
Cooking Certificate         Campus
Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate    Online     
Dyslexia Studies and Language-Based Learning Disabilities Graduate Certificate    Online     
Finance Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Graduate Certificate    Online     
Human Resource Management Certificate    Online    Campus
Human Resource Management Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Information Systems Management Track Graduate Certificate         Campus
Information Technology Technical Track Graduate Certificate         Campus
International Business Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
International Sport Management Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Justice Studies - Crime and Criminology Certificate    Online    Campus
Justice Studies - Law and Legal Process Certificate    Online    Campus
Justice Studies - Police and Law Enforcement Certificate    Online    Campus
Justice Studies - Terrorism and Homeland Security Certificate    Online    Campus
Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Marketing Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Operations and Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Patient Quality and Safety Graduate Certificate    Online     
Pre-Law Certificate         Campus
Project Management Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Public Administration Graduate Certificate    Online     
School Business Administration Graduate Certificate         Campus
Six Sigma Quality Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Social Media Graduate Certificate    Online     
Sport Management (MS)          
Sport Management (MS) / Athletic Administration Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Sport Management Graduate Certificate    Online    Campus
Sustainability Certificate         Campus
Taxation Graduate Certificate    Online     
Terrorism and Homeland Security Graduate Certificate    Online     

Sport Management Academic Programs

Southern New Hampshire University’s sport management program prepares students for successful employment in the dynamic sport industry.

Sport management majors can expect to find careers in professional sports, sports and fitness clubs, golf clubs, ski areas, education, the media, athlete representation and nonprofit recreation for such organizations as the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs and community programs. The majority of sport management jobs are found in the marketing, sales and administration fields. Opportunities are available across the United States.

Sport Management Programs
Athletic Administration Graduate Certificate
Business Studies / Sport Management (BS)
Business Studies / Sport Management (BS) Online
International MBA in Sport Management
International Sport Management Graduate Certificate
MBA in Sport Management
Sport Management (BS)
Sport Management (BS) Online
Sport Management (MS)
Sport Management (MS) / Athletic Administration Graduate Certificate
Sport Management (MS) / International Sport Management Certificate
Sport Management Graduate Certificate


Costs: Undergraduate Day Programs

Tuition    Per Semester    Annually
Tuition- Undergraduate Day    $14,637    $29,274
Summer class/non-matriculated rate    -    $960/course
Housing    Per Semester    Annually
Dormitory - double (upper & lower suites)
(Chocorua, Winnisquam, Merrimack, Ossipee & Winnipesaukee)
$3,495    $6,990
Housing    Per Semester    Annually
Dormitory - single    

Housing    Per Semester    Annually
Tuckerman Hall - double (with bath)    $4,937    $9,874
Tuckerman Hall - double (no bath)    $4,339    $8,678
Tuckerman Hall - double double or quad double(with bath)    $4,937    $9,874
Tuckerman Hall - triple or quad (no bath)    $4,339    $8,678
Housing    Per Semester    Annually
West Side Apartments
(Greeley, Kearsarge, Spaulding & Whittier Hall)    $4,145    $8,290
Housing    Per Semester    Annually
Windsor/Hampton/Washington/ New Castle Hall
-double    $4,075    $8,150
Housing    Per Semester    Annually
Townhouse - 4 person occupancy    $4,145    $8,290
Dining Plans    Per Semester    Annually
Plan 1 (premium plan)    $1,999    $3,998
Plan 2 (default plan for freshmen & new residents)    $1,656    $3,312
Plan 3 (not available to freshmen or new residents)    $1,184    $2,368
Plan 4 (available only to apartment & townhouse residents)    $1,020    $2,040
Plan 5 (available only to apartment & townhouse residents)    $   754    $1,508
Plan 6 (default plan for all commuter freshmen & transfers)         --    $   100
Other Costs    
Credit Overload    Per credit rate for student type
Domestic Health Insurance (12 months of coverage-payable with first semester charges)    $1,161 per year
Domestic Health Insurance (spring start)    $798 per year
International Health Insurance (12 months of coverage), Service $50 (September only)

$1,284 per year
Orientation (new students in fall)    $170
Orientation (new students in spring)    $50
Late Payment Fee    $150 each occurrence
Student Activities Fee    $165 per semester
Parking Fee (Manchester Campus) 
- plus $5 each additional sticker    Varies
Graduation Fee    $150
Domestic Day Undergraduate Tuition Deposit    $300
Housing Deposit     $100
Security Deposit    $100

Costs: Graduate Programs

What will this cost?
Use our Net price calculator to see how affordable a degree at SNHU really is.


Graduate Program Costs
PCMH Admission & Costs
Costs: Program in Community Mental Health (PCMH)
Costs: Master of Fine Arts in Fiction and Nonfiction (MFA)

Working toward a degree is a smart investment in your future - and at SNHU, it’s an affordable one, too. We keep our costs low, and we’ll help you find financial aid (or tuition reimbursement) if you need it.

Tuition and Fee Information

Regular Graduate Pricing    Per-Course*    Per-Credit Hour*
Online Degrees/Certificates    $1,881    $627
On Campus Degrees/Certificates    $1,881    $627
Degrees/Certificates (Active-duty Military and their Spouses)    $1,410    $470
Additional Costs: 
Application Fee ($40), Graduation Fee ($150), Books (course-by-course),
Full-Time Manchester campus students incur the following fees: Health Service Fee $25 per semester & one-time Activity Fee ($300)
International Students need International Health Insurance ($107/month), Health Service Fee $10 per term, Support and Activity Fee $650 per year
Most SNHU master's degrees require between 36 and 42 credit hours.
Average tuition for an SNHU master’s degree is $21,924 - $25,578.

Community Mental Health Program (PCMH)    PCMH Pricing
                                         Per-Course*    Per-Credit Hour*
SNHU Maine – (Maine Residents Only)    $1,125    $375
Additional Costs: Graduation Fee ($150), Books (course-by-course)

Excludes PCMH. For PCMH pricing please see above. 48-60 credit minimum for PCMH.

                                         Per-Course*    Per-Credit Hour*
PhD in International Business (Full or Part-Time)    $4,596    $1,532
Dissertation Colloquium   -   $2,295/Term
PhD Dissertation Fee    -   $412
Additional Costs: Application Fee ($40) Graduation Fee ($150), Books ($1,000-$1,500/Year)
Full-Time students incur the following one-time Activity Fee $300
International students must purchase health insurance through SNHU ($107 per month) Support & Activity Fee $650
*Tuition rates are subject to change. Changes are generally implemented in June each year.

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are 'cohort fees' and as such will remain stable for the duration of this program.

Summer Residency I    $1,945
Year I     $16,000
Summer Residency II    $945
Year II    $16,000
Summer Residency III    $945
Year III    $16,000
Dissertation Colloquium Beyond Year III    $2,163

Costs: Continuing Education (Undergraduate) Certificate program
Working toward a degree is a smart investment in your future - and at SNHU, it’s an affordable one, too. We keep our cost low, and Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. We will even help with tuition reimbursement for those who receive it.

Undergraduate Programs    Per-Course*    Per-Credit Hour*
Online Degrees/Certificates    $960    $320
NH Location  Degrees/Certificates    $960    $320
SNHU Maine (Maine Residents Only)    $729    $243
Degrees/Certificates (Active-duty Military and their Spouses)    $675    $225
Additional Fees: 
-Books (course-by-course)
-All RN to BSN students beginning their course of study or re-enrolling on or after June 2013 will be charged a learning resource fee of $89.00 upon registration in NUR 320 Patient-Centered Assessment.

No application fee for Online or Regional Campus Locations. 
Students are responsible for providing their own internet access.
There is a parking fee of $50 for the Manchester location only.

Most SNHU undergraduate degrees require 120 credit hours.

*Tuition rates and fees are subject to change. Changes are generally implemented in June each year.